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Cykelferie på Vestsjælland

Cycling at West Zealand

The West Zealand countryside should be enjoyed by bike! Feel the wind in your hair and don't miss a smell - from the flowers in the hedgerows, the cows in the fields and the breeze from the sea.

You can buy a cycling map at Kalundborg Tourist Office showing nine routes in and around Kalundborg. All the routes start and finish at the same place. On the map you will find descriptions of the sights you'll pass along the way. The rides take you through alternating landscapes; in some places the sea and land merge into one, while in others, the coastal landscape rises sharply and steeply. You will encounter idyllic harbours, pleasant villages and dramatic Ice Age landscapes. The routes have been planned so that you can experience the area's many stories along the way.

At the tourist offices in Korsør, Skælskør and Slagelse you can pick up a small brochure containing 10 cycle routes, 3 of them starting and finishing in one of the three towns, plus one which follows the coast from Bildsø to Bisserup.

You can also plan your own route. On a cycling or rambling holiday the time passes so slowly that you will have plenty of time to see everything and stop to enjoy the view. The area offers masses of cycling experiences along pleasant roads with little traffic. There are plenty of excellent paths, so you'll have no difficulty finding a beautiful route that will take you anything from a couple of hours, a whole day or an entire week. Locate some exciting stop-offs, add in a delicious lunch and take along refreshments for a "rest with a view". Find inspiration to routes at Dansk Cyklist Forbund

You can also use the website to plan your very own route.

Plan your holiday on bike with help from VisitVestsjælland or use the guide here

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Mountain Bike in Kalundborg

"Klostersporet" in Kalundborg is a technical route with the opportunity to ride a couple of long straight runs. The route is medium hilly and runs along narrow, winding paths in between the trees in the "Klosterskoven" woodland. The route can be varied from approx. 3 to 6 km, depending on which track you take. Start your ride at the car park on Lerchenfeldtvej.

Mountain bike-routes around:



På Mountain Bike i Kalundborg

Cycling Maps

Cycling Maps - with suggestions for tours around the area - you can buyor pick upat the tourist offices atWest Zealand.

National cycling maps and books can be purchasedin limited circumstances.

You can rent a bike here:

Sejerø Cykeludlejning
Tinggårdsvej 2 4592 Sejerø
T: 59 59 02 91

Kalundborg Tourist office 
Skibbrogade 40 4400 Kalundborg
T: 59 51 09 15

Fægangen 5 4220 Korsør
T: 58 35 19 19 www.cykel-c...

Finns Cykler
Vestergade 15A 4230 Skælskør
T: 58 19 51 47 www.finns-c...

Agersø Kro
Egholmvej 4 Agersø 4230 Skælskør
T: 58 19 80 03 www.agersoe...

Cykeludlejningen på Omø
Omø Havnevej 97, Omø, 4230 Skælskør
T: 44 64 24 04

Picnicbaskets and lunchbags for your ride

Lizettes Frokostcafe - order the day before

Agersø Kro