Røsnæs | Sjællands Vestkyst


Røsnæs is beautiful, Rough and wild. Røsnæs is a nature experience in a class of its own. Here there gentle green hills, dramatic slopes, waterholes with salamanders and fire-bellied toads, and a fantastic view across the Great Belt. The entire outer tip of the long isthmus at Røsnæs – 200 hectares all together – is designated as a nature reserve. 

Røsnæs Fyr

Røsnæs lighthouse

From Røsnæs lighthouse you get a wonderful view of Røsnæs and the sea. The lighthouse is open to the pubic and admission is free. 

Vin på Røsnæs - Dyrehøj Vingaard

Denmark's largest vineyard - Dyrehøj Vineyard

With its 25.000 vines, Dyrehøj is Denmark's largest vineyard. Røsnæs gets about 100 hours more sunshine than the national average, making it one of the sunniest spots in Denmark. This is one of the reasons why Dyrehøj Vineyard has planted 25,000 vines and started producing wine and eating grapes.

Røsnæs Nature Playground

Røsnæs Nature Playground

At Røsnæs Nature Playground you can climb and swing and there are dozens of animals that are used to the children. Sometimes you can feed the animals together with the nature guide.

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